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Business is an essential part of the modern world. It is a continuous challenge which requires strong and strategic ways to survive. We manage to create business beyond opportunities, as we help both public and private organizations to facilitate and ...more


Evaluation makes the difference! We dare to compare to strengthen our capabilities with business ethics and professionalism values.  We don’t just make the idea; we analyze and compare markets to understand the growth of various sectors. W ...more


Analyzing the market towards the 2030 National Vision, rapid growth and opportunities for businesses are at stake. We grow together with our clients as we have capable consultants to build solid business solutions from pre-feasibility to market activ ...more


Qatar Business Management Holding Group

Qatar Business Management Group, LLC (QBMG) has recently become a holding company with a controlling interest over seven (7) subsidiaries located in Doha, Qatar. Collectively, these entities strengthen the whole company to proved products, services and solutions for different industries.



Companies Owned by Qatar Business Management Group

Qatar Business Management Group L.L.C, holds the shares of subsidiaries involved in various businesses such as sports contracting, steel fabrication, construction consulting, digital networking solutions and security services. The company supports business operations and carries out integrated administration through directing management.


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